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#739 Colon Cleanse Formula 500 mg (45 Capsules)


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Natural detoxification.
UPC: 703308090710

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  • #739 Colon Cleanse Formula 500 mg (45 Capsules)
  • #739 Colon Cleanse Formula 500 mg (45 Capsules)
  • #739 Colon Cleanse Formula 500 mg (45 Capsules)

Benefits of #739 Colon Cleanse Formula:

Speeds healthy elimination, Encourages proper digestion, Relieves occasional constipation, Eases bloating and gas, Enhances nutrient absorption, Cleanses the intestinal tract

Today, your vitality, your energy and enthusiasm may be nearly extinguished through eating processed foods, avoiding exercise and not eliminating on a regular basis. Not to mention the chemicals and other things you ingest like food preservatives, air pollution particles and agricultural chemicals in the air, water and soil.

Now you can ease colon issues with the natural trio found in #739 Colon Cleanse Formula. Within a short time, it begins to safely and gently cleanse, refresh, and detoxify so your colon can function in a healthy environment.

Ingredients:  Calories 4, Total Carbohydrates 1.4 g, Dietary Fiber 1.4 g, Sugars 0 g, Sodium 1 mg, Calcium (from Psyllium husk powder USP) 13 mg, Phosphorus (from Psyllium husk powder USP) 1 mg, Potassium (from Psyllium husk powder USP) 11 mg, Gentian root powder 60 mg, Psyllium husk powder USP (hulls) 1500 mg, Slippery elm bark powder 42 mg

Other Ingredients:  Gelatin

Directions:  3 capsules daily NOTE: This product is not recommended if you have difficulty in swallowing. Take with at least 8 oz. of water or your favorite beverage.

Caution:  If you are taking any medications or are pregnant or nursing, do not use prior to consulting a physician.